The 5th best way to get covid curling info

The 5th best way? You betcha. Before listening to anything on this site, you’d better:

  1. Follow your local health authority and any laws
  2. Check with your lawyer
  3. Check with your insurance agent
  4. Check with your national/regional curling body
  5. …then you can (maybe!) give some consideration to anything you see here. Listen to the experts first!

Who is CurlingGeek?

Let’s start with what I am not:

  • I am not an epidemiologist
  • I am not a lawyer
  • I am not a public health specialist
  • I am not an insurance broker
  • So in brief: I am not an expert in any way shape or form

Out in the real world, my real name is Doug Suerich. I’m an engineer who studied at the University of Waterloo, and have been a passionate fan of curling for over 20 years. For 10 of those years, I served on the board of the K-W Granite Club in southern Ontario, including 5 years as club president. So I do have some idea of what it takes to run a not-for-profit curling club. That’s largely what is driving my desire to run this site: I am trying to create the tools I think I would have wanted to have when I was still running a club.

The first covid tool was a club closure tracker I ran in March of 2020. A small number of clubs started to announce their closure, and I maintained a list that I shared with the world. Within a few days, over 300 clubs were listed, then a day or two later it was clear that the whole curling world was shutting down. I promised at the time to track the re-opening of curling with equal passion…so here we are.