Club Surveys

A collection of survey results from various curling clubs.

Note: I will only post surveys from clubs that have made their results public. If you know of public club survey results that are not listed here, please send a link to

Every survey uses different wording, and has different available answers. For the % returning, I am using whichever question is closest to “With the current information and safety measures, do you intend to curl this season?”. Similarly, I’ve needed to make some assumptions to group the replies into “yes” vs “undecided”. Any answer category that looks roughly like ‘maybe’ I include under undecided.

Favourite survey results:

  • Avonair Curling Club in Edmonton AB
    • Great questions, and full data provided (37 pages!)
    • Lots of very candid responses to practical items (“Would you buy from Boston Pizza if our main kitchen is closed?”
    • Data on masks, 6-end games, etc.
    • Survey link
ClubLocationLinkSurvey Date# of ResponsesPlan to return (% yes)Plan to return (% Undecided)Plan to return (% no)
Burlington Curling ClubON, CanadaPDFJuly 4, 202051767%29%4%
Leduc Curling ClubAB, CanadaPDF21487%11%
Four SeasonsMN, USALink82%18%
Seattle CurlingWA, UAPDFJuly 20, 202029855%35%
York CurlingON, CanadaPDFJune 202042351%44%
Quinte CurlingON, CanadaDocJuly 7, 202019164%
Calgary CurlingAB, CanadaJune 26, 202044073%18%
Avonair Curling ClubAB, CanadaPDFJuly 29, 202024879%16.5%4.5%
Oakville Curling ClubON, CanadaLinkJuly 31, 202033271.4%26.2%2.4%
Campbell River Curling ClubBC, CanadaLinkJuly 23, 202021372.8%18.8%
Esquimalt Curling ClubBC, CanadaLinkJuly 16, 202051293.8%
Thistle St Andrews Curling ClubNB, CanadaPDFAug 15, 202019192%8%